Located in the heart of Europe, Decibelics is a boutique pedal company based in Barcelona with a global reach, boasting a particularly strong following in the USA. This family-operated venture is the brainchild and passion project of Guillem Vilademunt, a man deeply driven by his unwavering commitment to sound and craftsmanship.

With a background as an Automotive Electronics Engineer repairing, modifying, and enhancing high-performance racing cars’ electronics, combined with his near-obsessive passion for pedals, guitar gear, and music in general and rock in particular, Guillem infuses his technical expertise into each pedal he crafts. The result? An unparalleled fusion of precision, quality, and soulful sound that captivates musicians worldwide. His meticulous touch, honed by years of refining high-performance electronics for racing cars, endows each pedal with a level of precision and quality rarely found in the industry.

Despite its small scale, Decibelics stands tall among the big brands, with each pedal reflecting Guillem’s unwavering commitment to excellence. At Decibelics, it’s not just about replicating classic sounds; it’s about reimagining them. Guillem’s designs, from full-sized tributes to their compact counterparts, retain the essence and quality of the originals while offering a new level of accessibility and convenience.

Established in 2013, Decibelics has become synonymous with precision, quality, and unparalleled sound. Inside every Decibelics pedal lies a world of meticulous design and obsessive attention to detail. These are not merely tools; they are musical artworks crafted to elevate the musical experience of every artist who engages with them.

You can reach Guillem via email. Due to a busy schedule, please allow 2-3 days for a response. To avoid emails going to your junk folder, add the email address to your contacts.

Discover the magic of Decibelics and let Guillem’s passion for perfection become an integral part of your musical journey.

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IMPORTANT NOTE - I'm overwhelmed with the insane amount of orders! Thanks guys! These are the next expected availability dates:
Golden Horse: SOLD OUT - Next Batch March 5th, 9PM CET | Angry Swede V2: SOLD OUT - Next Batch March 5th, 9PM CET | The Reverend: NOW LIVE
Reverend XX and Golden Royale: New Pre-Order process is NOW LIVE
I build the Golden Horse, Angry Swede and The Reverend in monthly batches, and usually taking new Pre-Orders every first week of every month. No wait lists but limited units.
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