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Decibelics Angry Swede is the first Mini ‘Chainsaw’ HM-2 clone ever made.

It is hand-built with the high quality standards Decibelics is well known for, and uses old through-hole components just like in the originals. It provides huge amounts of raw chainsaw tone in the most pedalboard-friendly footprint. You won’t believe how big and powerful this little monster screams.

With this project, as with the Decibelics Golden Horse Mini-Klon project, my goal was to create not only the first Mini HM2 ever made, but also the most accurate yet improved clone. This is what the Waza version would have been.

To shape the tone, I used 3 original Boss HM2 as a sound basis, taking the best characteristics of each and combining them for a rounded, well balanced HM2 raw fury as used by either David Gilmour, My Bloody Valentine and Entombed.

Also, I improved one of the downsides of the circuit: Background noise. I designed the pcb and carefully chose the components to make it the less noisy HM-2 ever made. It’s even one of the less noisy distortions you’ll ever have! The Angry Swede is the only HM-2 that will save you buying a new noise gate – It’s amazingly quiet, yet still capable to create big amounts of feedback if needed.

Last but not least, I converted it to True Bypass, and kept the last buffer into the effected (non-bypassed) signal, to be true to the original.

The 2020 version goes even one step further and adds a Clean Blend knob, that lets you go from only adding a bit of the HM2 EQ to your original tone, to a 50/50 mix, to a 80/20 mix to thicken your sound – Perfect for Bass as it retains Bass frequencies -, to full HM2 chainsaw.


‘If you are looking for the most accurate clone of the HM-2 I had (with all the good things and some bad things eliminated), this might be the your weapon of choice. I literally hear no difference with my late ’88 HM2, and that’s both terrifying and impressive’

Dome – Guitarist for Nightbearer and known HM2 expert/advocate

What do Reverb say?:

‘Extremely fast shipping and extremely awesome pedal that the Death Metal world sorely needed!’
‘Unbelievably good pedal. Sounds amazing and almost no noise even with everything on max! Fast shipping and good communication from order to delivery!’
‘Highly recommended. Great service and fast shipping. Thanks Reverb and Decibelics’
‘Mind blowing!!! Hands down the best high gain distortion pedal in mini form. Built by probably the coolest metalhead there is. You keep building’em my friend, i’ll make sure of buying’em 😉 cheers’
‘ the Angry Swede arrived today and it sounds absolutely amazing! Thanks making such a great pedal it will definitely be put to good use :)’
‘Guillem, you maniac! My Angry Swede just arrived, it’s awesome! It’s the best sounding clone I’ve used’

‘I got the pedal today and it is unbelievable good. Sounds amazing and soo noise free, it’s almost like you put in a noise gate there.
Thanks a lot for the pedal, will enjoy it!’


Ships from Barcelona, Spain (Europe) – I use UPS, Fedex, and Correos Express. Tracked and Insured. Transit time is usually less than a week, but may vary depending on destination country.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

Guillem | Decibelics

Check for updates here and on Decibelics Instagram and Facebook Page!

+ Dimensions with jacks: L 95mm (3.74in) x W 49mm (1.92in) – Current Draw: 18mA

Standard Black

Hammered Black

Special White

Weight 0.45 kg

Standard Black, Hammered Black, Special White

IMPORTANT NOTE - I'm overwhelmed with the insane amount of orders! MAY BATCH OF GH LITERALLY SELL OUT IN MINUTES... Thanks guys! These are the next expected availability dates:
Golden Horse: SOLD OUT, Next batch: July 5th, 9PM CET | Angry Swede V2: NOW LIVE! | Big Vintage Klone: Out of production (News soon)
Golden Royale: 6-Month wait (aprox) for today's additions to waitlist - Growing every week!
I build the Golden Horse and Angry Swede in monthly batches, and usually taking new Pre-Orders every first week of every month. No wait lists but limited units.
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