Due to the amount of orders and a long wait list, I won’t be doing any XP100 No-SMD mod until further notice – Apologies for any inconvenience 


Back in the 90’s, Digitech developed a series of expression pedal based effects, called the XP Series or XPression Series. There was a total of four: the XP-100 Whammy/Wah, the XP-200 Modulator, the XP-300 Space Station, and the XP-400 Reverberator. Each pedal in the Xpression series had an extensive amount of different and unique sounds to choose from, but above and beyond the most unique and most sonically out there of the series was the Space Station. The Space Station has become incredibly rare and expensive, however, there are other means of having your very own Space Station. All of the pedals in the XP Series can be 100% sonically converted into an XP-300.

Either if you want to mod your own, or have it modded, you are in the right place.



XP300 Space Station programmed eprom chip €15
XP100, XP200 or XP400 programmed eprom chip €15
4 Eprom Chip Bundle (XP100/200/300/400) €50
3 Eprom Chip Bundle €40
XP300 Conversion Kit for XP100 NO-SMD €35
Optional: Pre-wired XP100/XP300 Switch €15
XP300 Conversion Kit for XP100 SMD €30
XP300 Conversion Kit for XP200 / XP400 €30

SEND IT TO ME (*Read below)

Your XP100 NO-SMD to Space Station (MONO) conversion €80
Your XP100 NO-SMD to Space Station (STEREO) conversion €85
Option: External Switch to choose b/t XP100 and XP300 €25
Your XP100 SMD to XP300 MONO conversion €65
Your XP100 SMD to XP300 STEREO conversion €70
Your XP200 to XP300 conversion €60
Your XP400 to XP300 conversion €55

International shipping cost for Eproms and kits: €12 (Up to 5 eproms/kits) – Standard shipping via Post

Express shipping available upon request

Return shipping costs for modded pedals depend on weight and destination country. If you want to send me your XP to mod, let me know package weight & measurements and shipping address so I can give you the cost of return shipping.

*NON-EU customers sending your Pedal or PCB to mod, please note: Starting July 1st, 2021, EU customs charges 21% tax and a fee for any package that enters the EU. This tax cost is based on the customs value price written on the package. I will get the customs invoice when receiving the package and the cost will be added to the cost of the mod. This does NOT affect return shipping costs.

I recommend sending the PCB alone, instead of the entire pedal, whenever possible. Sending the PCB alone reduces shipping costs significantly. Check the video below for an easy tutorial on how to remove the PCB from the pedal using only a screwdriver and a soldering iron.

Mod cost, customs costs (if applicable), and return shipping costs will be charged through PayPal after the mod is completed and the pedal/PCB is ready to ship back.

Once an XP is converted to Space Station, it accepts any of the Eproms in the series (XP100, XP200, XP300, XP400). An external switch is not possible (Except for the XP100 NoSMD), but you can change between versions just by swapping the Eprom.
The XP200, XP300, and XP400 are Stereo. The XP100 is Mono, it can be modded to Stereo, although the XP100 program will still sound in Mono. The XP200, XP300, and XP400 Eproms will sound in Stereo in a modded XP100 pedal.

The Stereo/Mono conversion mod has been made possible through the published work, “CONVERTING THE DIGITECH XP” (2012-2015), by Govmnt_Lacky, and digi2t, as well as all information published at the diystompboxes.com forum

FOR ORDERING A KIT OR MODDING YOUR PEDAL: guillem @ decibelics.com

Programming is done in-house

Learn how to remove the board on your XP to save on shipping costs!

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