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Decibelics Golden Horse Professional Overdrive is the result of all my experience studying and building Klon Centaur clones squeezed into a mini enclosure. Handmade from thru-hole and New Old Stock components and same values as the original. No SMD or approximated values – My goal was to give Tone and Mojo in a mini footprint. You are not buying a mass-produced and lifeless pedal here.

The Decibelics Golden Horse is the only klone in the market, that is A/B tested against a real gold Centaur prior to be shipped to you.


+ Exact sonic reproduction of my original gold Klon Centaur, horsie close-tail, serial number 2505 from 2001 (See pictures below) Among my original Klons, this particular unit was undoubtely the one with the best tone.

+ Mini luxury format, vintage and thru-hole components, built one by one, with extreme dedication. Fruit of years of experience studying the circuit and building Klones for professional guitar players.

+ Same Panasonic ECQ-Series N.O.S. capacitors as the original

+ Same N.O.S. 1N34A Germanium diodes (Clear crystal and black band as the original, made in USA) – The commonly known as Magic Diodes. The Golden Horse is most probably the only Klone using them.

+ Same combination of carbon and metal film resistors

+ Same Tantalum capacitor in position C16

+ Same format on capacitors in values above 1uf -Electrolytics- adapted to the size of the pedal

+ Same Charge Pump that raises internal voltage from 9V to 18V for bigger headroom

+ Same values and highest quality in the other components: Opamps TL072 from Texas Instruments, noiseless Charge Pump from superior quality, Bourns Pro Audio potentiometers, Footswitch Alpha DPDT, Lumberg Japan jacks, Hammond enclosure powdercoated and screen-printed by hand

+ Buffered bypass, same as the original, with correct values

+ PCB board of my own design, with parasitic noise level optimization

Accessories included: White Shipping Box de luxe (Foam inside), 4 Rubber Feet, English Manual, Certificate of Authenticity. Starting Oct 2020, External battery adapter plug is not included unless you ask.

+ Dimensions with jacks: L 95mm (3.74in) x W 49mm (1.92in) – Current Draw: 25mA


I build them in monthly runs. Every first week of the month I decide how many Golden Horse I’m going to build – depending on the time and stock of components available – and I put them in Pre Order on my Reverb store. I build them in the following weeks, until they are finished, tested in the studio and I ship them at the end of the month.


I do not do temporary sales or discounts, so no single Golden Horse Overdrive will be sold cheaper than you paid for it, ever.

Standard Black

Crystal White

Hammered Blue

Hammered Green

Hammered Copper

Azure Blue

Amethyst Purple

Fire Red

Weight 0.45 kg

Standard Black, Crystal White, Hammered Blue, Hammered Green, Hammered Copper, Azure Blue, Amethyst Purple, Fire Red

IMPORTANT NOTE - I'm overwhelmed with the insane amount of orders! MAY BATCH OF GH LITERALLY SELL OUT IN MINUTES... Thanks guys! These are the next expected availability dates:
Golden Horse: SOLD OUT, Next batch: July 5th, 9PM CET | Angry Swede V2: NOW LIVE! | Big Vintage Klone: Out of production (News soon)
Golden Royale: 6-Month wait (aprox) for today's additions to waitlist - Growing every week!
I build the Golden Horse and Angry Swede in monthly batches, and usually taking new Pre-Orders every first week of every month. No wait lists but limited units.
If you want to be notified when Pre-orders for your favorite Decibelics are live, please click the 'Watch' button in their respective listings (Except for the Golden Royale)
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