IMPORTANT NOTE - I'm overwhelmed with the insane amount of orders! FEBRUARY BATCH OF GH SOLD OUT IN 10 MINUTES... INSANE! Thanks guys! These are the next expected availability dates:
Golden Horse: SOLD OUT! Next Batch: July 5th, 9PM CEST | Angry Swede V2: SOLD OUT! Next Batch: July 5th, 9PM CEST
Golden Royale: 5-Month wait (approx) for today's additions to waitlist - Growing every week!
I build the Golden Horse and Angry Swede in monthly batches, and usually taking new Pre-Orders every first week of every month. No wait lists but limited units.
If you want to be notified when Pre-orders for your favorite Decibelics are live, Subscribe on their respective listings (Except for the Golden Royale)
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