Unfortunately, by the end of 2020 I had to stop the Big Klone production due to having a lot of trouble getting a constant and reliable supply of enclosures and other particular parts. For this reason, most of the cases were provided by the clients themselves – But I will no longer do so. I’m still working on bringing the model back anytime, this time with plain Gold or Silver case only, no lettering. If you want to know if this comes to light again, follow Decibelics on Facebook or Instagram!

PLEASE NOTE, Since the comback of the Big Vintage Klone is still uncertain, I will NOT add people to any waiting list.

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IMPORTANT NOTE - I'm overwhelmed with the insane amount of orders! FEBRUARY BATCH OF GH BLACK SOLD OUT IN 5 MIN... INSANE! Thanks guys! These are the next expected availability dates:
Golden Horse: SOLD OUT - Next batch April 5th, 9PM CET | Angry Swede V2: SOLD OUT - Next batch April 5th, 9PM CET | The Reverend: SOLD OUT - Next batch April 5th, 9PM CET
Golden Royale: 4-Month wait (approx) for today's additions to waitlist - Growing every week!
I build the Golden Horse, Angry Swede and The Reverend in monthly batches, and usually taking new Pre-Orders every first week of every month. No wait lists but limited units.
If you want to be notified when Pre-orders for your favorite Decibelics are live, Subscribe on their respective listings (Except for the Golden Royale)
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