“It just don’t “simulate” the Klon Centaur tone as other clones do, it simply sounds as if it was an original unit” -Matt, Klon Collector

Decibelics Golden Horse Professional Overdrive is the result of all my experience studying and building Klon Centaur clones squeezed into a mini enclosure. Fully handmade from New Old Stock components and same values as the original. No SMD or approximated values – My goal was to give Tone and Mojo in a mini footprint. You are not buying a mass-produced and lifeless pedal here.
The Decibelics Golden Horse is the only klone in the market, that is A/B tested against a real gold Centaur prior to be shipped to you.
+ Exact reproduction of my original gold Klon Centaur, horsie close-tail, serial number 2505 from 2001 (See pictures above) Among my Silver and Gold originals, this particular unit was undoubtely the one with the best tone.
+ Mini luxury format, vintage and thru-hole components, totally built one by one, with extreme dedication. Fruit of years of experience studying the circuit and building Klones for professional guitar players.
+ Same Panasonic ECQ-Series N.O.S. capacitors as the original
+ Same N.O.S. 1N34A Germanium diodes (Clear crystal and black band as the original, made in USA) – The commonly known as Magic Diodes (No russian blue and red stripped diodes as others mount– Same as the original!)
+ Same combination of carbon and metal film resistors
+ Same Tantalum capacitor in position C16
+ Same format on capacitors in values ​​above 1uf -Electrolytics- adapted to the size of the pedal
+ Same Charge Pump that raises internal voltage from 9V to 18V for bigger headroom
+ Same values ​​and highest quality in the other components: Opamps TL072 from Texas Instruments, noiseless Charge Pump from superior quality, Bourns Pro Audio potentiometers, Footswitch Alpha DPDT, Lumberg Japan jacks, Hammond enclosure powdercoated and screen-printed by hand
+ Buffered bypass, same as the original, with correct values
+ PCB board of my own design, with parasitic noise level optimization
Accessories included: White Shipping Box de luxe (plus foam), External 9V Battery Adapter, 4 Rubber Feet, Knob Markers, English Manual, Certificate of Authenticity.




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“It just don’t “simulate” the Klon Centaur tone as other clones do, it simply sounds as if it was an original unit” -Matt, Klon Collector

Decibelics Golden Horse Professional Overdrive es el resultado de toda mi experiencia estudiando y construyendo Klon Centaur compactada en un formato mini, hecho totalmente a mano con componentes N.O.S. y respetando los valores del original. Nada de modernos componentes SMD ni valores aproximados, se trataba de meter Tono y Mojo en una caja mini. No estás ante un pedal producido en masa y sin vida propia.
El Decibelics Golden Horse es el único pedal en el mercado, que es probado en un test A/B contra un Klon Centaur dorado real antes de ser enviado.
+ Reproducción exacta de mi Klon Centaur dorado original, horsie close-tail, serial número 2505 de 2001. De todos mis Silver y Gold originales, esta unidad es sin duda la que ofrece mejor tono.
+ Formato mini de lujo, componentes vintage y thru-hole, totalmente construido a mano uno a uno, con extrema dedicación. Fruto de años de experiencia estudiando el circuito y construyendo Klones para guitarristas profesionales.
+ Mismos condensadores Panasonic ECQ-Series N.O.S. que el original
+ Mismos diodos de Germanio N.O.S. 1N34A (Cristal clear y banda negra como el original, made in USA) – Los comunmente conocidos como Magic Diodes (No diodos rusos con banda azul y roja como en otros klones– los mismos que el original!)
+ Misma combinación de resistencias de metal y de carbón
+ Mismo condensador Tantalum en la posición C16
+ Mismo formato de condensadores en valores superiores a 1uf, electrolíticos, adaptados al tamaño del pedal
+ Misma Charge Pump que eleva el voltaje interno de 9V a 18V para mayor headroom.
+ Mismos valores en los restantes componentes y en alta calidad: Opamps TL072 de Texas Instruments, Charge Pump de calidad superior sin ruidos, potenciómetros Bourns Pro Audio, Footswitch Alpha DPDT, jacks Lumberg Japan, caja Hammond pintada y serigrafiada a mano…
+ Buffered como el original, con los valores correctos
+ Placa PCB de diseño propio, con optimización del nivel de ruido parasitario
Accesorios incluidos: Caja Blanca de Envío Deluxe con Espuma, Adaptador Externo para Pila 9V, 4 Soportes de Goma, Marcadores de Perillas, Manual (Inglés), Certificado de Autenticidad.







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Golden Horse # 16 ready to rock a crowded stadium. It is none other than Tato James’, who was music director, arranger and first guitar of Greg Miller (Elvis) and Melissa Totem (Madonna) and has been guitarist for Abraham Mateo, La Gossa Sorda, Aspencat, La Raiz … And musicals like “Marta Tiene Un Marcapasos” by Hombres G, and “A” by Nacho Cano. Tato James uses his Golden Horse into a Bogner Goldfinger amp on Manuel Carrasco’s massive “Bailar El Viento” Tour, from Spain’s best-selling album in 2016.
Golden Horse #16 listo para sonar ante un público multitudinario en grandes estadios. No es de otro que de Tato James, quien fue director musical, arreglista y primer guitarra de Greg Miller (Elvis) y Melissa Totem (Madonna) y ha sido guitarrista de Abraham Mateo, La Gossa Sorda, Aspencat, La Raiz… y de musicales como “Marta Tiene Un Marcapasos” de Hombres G, y “A” de Nacho Cano. Tato James se ayuda del Golden Horse para dar Crunch a un Bogner Goldfinger en el multitudinario Tour “Bailar El Viento” de Manuel Carrasco, con el álbum más vendido de España en 2016.
How great it is that a guitarist like Karlos Abril not only buys you a Golden Horse but then sends you an email that contains the words “impressive”, “thick”, “sustain” or “creamy”. Here we see his Golden Horse # 15, which replaces a Rockett Archer Ikon on his touring pedalboard:
“Indeed there is a difference between one and the other, grain, sustain, even the EQ allows more versatility. And what a tone! I work with two boutique amps, a Swart AST 18W Class A and a Zanalog 50W American clean sound, and how it fattens them up! I am delighted”
Si que un guitarrista de la talla de Karlos Abril se quede un pedal tuyo ya es gratificante, que te envíe luego un mail que contiene las palabras “impresionante”, “grueso”, “sustain” o “cremoso”, es lo máximo. Aquí lo vemos estrenando su Golden Horse #15, que ocupa el lugar que antes ocupaba un Rockett Archer Ikon:
“Vaya sí hay diferencia entre uno y otro, de grano, de sustain, hasta la EQ permite más versatilidad. Y con un sonido que tira de espaldas. Trabajo con dos amplis de boutique, un Swart AST 18W Clase A y un Zanalog 50W de sonido limpio y onda americana, y los engorda de lujo. Estoy encantado”
How does the Golden Horse sound live?
Nothing better than watch and listen to this amazing solo from Martí Riera of Sonic Brother… Wow!
Martí’s gear:
Gibson Les Paul R8 2006
Decibelics Golden Horse as Overdrive
BadCat Siamese Drive as a Booster
General Salvation Plexi 68
¿Cómo suena el Golden Horse en directo?
Nada mejor que ver y escuchar este SOLO en mayúsculas de Martí Riera con Sonic Brother ¡Sin palabras!
Martí toca con:
Gibson Les Paul R8 2006
Decibelics Golden Horse como Overdrive
BadCat Siamese Drive como Booster
General Salvation Plexi 68
Can you spot the Golden Horse? Gavin from Scotland sends me this picture of his Golden Horse #08 with part of his awesome rig, a Cornell Plexi and a beautiful PRS McCarty 594. Thanks Gavin!
Desde Escocia, Gavin me envía esta foto de su Golden Horse #08 acompañado de parte de su increíble equipo, un Cornell Plexi y una preciosa PRS McCarty 594. Gracias Gavin!
Alberto Barrero, an incredible guitarist famous for his Beautiful Gear Demos Youtube Channel, needed a Klone for his touring pedalboard, and I wanted a demo… So we made the deal. Here’s what he said in his Instagram account: “What a jewel I just received… I never tried an original Klon Centaur, only copies and clones, but I can’t imagine it will sound better than this” And that was words coming from a man who has tested hundreds of different pedals!
Alberto Barrero, increíble guitarrista famoso por su canal de Youtube Beautiful Gear Demos, necesitaba un Klone para su pedalera de directo, y yo quería una demo… Así que hicimos un trato. Puso el escrito que ves al lado en su Instagram al recibirlo. Y viene de un hombre que ha provado cientos de pedales diferentes!
The Golden Horse was made for this! It allows you to get the best Centaur tones without making you use a king-sized pedalboard. Picture from Mr. Mathers… Thanks!
El Golden Horse fue creado para esto! Te permite tener el mejor tono Centaur sin tener que comprarse una pedalera gigante. Foto del Mr. Mathers… Gracias!
Adam Evans, guitarist for the all-time pop star Rick Astley, bought me a Golden Horse to add to his travel board. Adam instantly fell in love with it: “Awesome, amazing pedal. It has that magic tone, I love to use these for. I don’t tend to use them for drive but in this it is great. I will recommend to my Klon owning touring friends!”
“Hello Guilem, The Golden Horse arrived last Tuesday. It looks and feels fabulous and it is realy nice packed. I have used the Golden Horse yesterday with band rehersal and I am very, very happy with it. By far the best overdive pedal I owned. Big compliments and thanks for everyhing.”
Ronald, The Netherlands
“Sounds phenomenal! Many Sounds comes from my amp like never before TS808, Dumble ODS, SSS, Marshall… Incredible amount of tones. Its a very good clean boost too for a warm clean sound like Mark Knopfler with a minum of drive. Extraordinary Bluestone like SRV or Bonamassa… I’m so so happy !!! There’s a problem: what can I do now with those other pedals?? I  don’t need them anymore! All I can say, great deal (with Heart) with you and I love your work so much! Amazing!”
Karl, Germany
“Hi Guillem! The pedal has arrived today…. I can’t stop playing it!!! It is just FANTASTIC!! And also beautifully presented in that wonderful box – Top class man, just Top Class! Thank you so much for everything – I am really happy, and I will tell all of my friends to buy one!
Andrea, UK
“Guillem, received it last night and just played. Incredible. Love it! Thank you for the hard work and craftsmanship. Beautiful job with the packaging too!”
Paul, USA

More customer pictures and stories soon!