Back in the 90’s, Digitech developed a series of expression pedal based effects, called the XP Series or XPression Series. There was a total of four: the XP-100 Whammy/Wah, the XP-200 Modulator, the XP-300 Space Station, and the XP-400 Reverberator. Each pedal in the Xpression series had an extensive amount of different and unique sounds to choose from, but above and beyond the most unique and most sonically out there of the series was the Space Station. The Space Station has become incredibly rare and expensive, however, there are other means of having your very own Space Station. All of the pedals in the XP Series can be 100% sonically converted into an XP-300.

Either if you want to mod your own, or have it modded, you are in the right place.



XP300 Space Station programmed eprom chip  €12

XP100XP200 or XP400 programmed eprom chip  €12

4 Eprom Chip Bundle (XP100/200/300/400)   €40

3 Eprom Chip Bundle   €30

XP300 Conversion Kit for XP100 NO-SMD     €30

➡Optional: Pre-wired XP100/XP300 Switch  €10

XP300 Conversion Kit for XP100 SMD   €28

XP300 Conversion Kit for XP200   €28

XP300 Conversion Kit for XP400  €20


Your XP100 NO-SMD to Space Station (MONO) conversion €70

Your XP100 NO-SMD to Space Station (STEREO) conversion €75

Option: External Switch to choose b/t XP100 and XP300 €20

Your XP100 SMD to XP300 MONO conversion €60

Your XP100 SMD to XP300 STEREO conversion €65

Your XP200 to XP300 conversion €55

Your XP400 to XP300 conversion €50

All prices plus shipping (Depends on country) (Low rates-Ask me)

*The Stereo/Mono conversion mod has been made possible through the published work, “CONVERTING THE DIGITECH XP” (2012-2015), by Govmnt_Lacky, and digi2t, as well as all information published at the forum

Digitech XP400 modded into XP300 SPACE STATION

I bought it in 2015 from a small store in Spain that had it on a shelf at their backshop since early 2000’s. It was brand new! One day I posted an advertise at an spanish guitar forum looking for some used XP Series, and someone told me about that store in Galicia that had an xp400 unsold years ago. I phoned them and asked if they still had that xp. They didn’t remember and had to search at their backshop. They called me back later that day and told me they had two of them. It was a nice day! I don’t know the reason why they had them unsold for years, but both came without the original power adapter so I suppose that they were probably used to cover some power adapter warranty on other previously sold units. Or maybe because they were quite pricey back in the day. Who knows!


Marek from UK wanted a Space Station. He asked me if I could mod one of the XP Series for him if he bought one of them eventually, so I said “Sure”. He found an XP200 Modulator for cheap on eBay Germany and asked the seller to send the pedal directly to my adress, that way Marek saved himself one shipment. The pedal was in extremely good shape, like new! I modded it in no time and shipped it to his Cambridge adress. He was blown away with the sounds he got from this blue box!
“Thanks a lot for an awesome deal and great communication! That was my best ever internet deal experience!” Marek, UK

En los años 90, Digitech sacó una serie de pedales llamados XPression Series, siendo los más populares el XP100 Whammy/Wah y el XP300 Space Station. El Space Station ofrecía unos sonidos únicos, de otra galaxia, es el más buscado y difícil de encontrar. Sus precios ahora mismo son desorbitados, llegando a venderse en este momento entre 450 y 500 euros ( Los otros 3 pedales de la serie compartían placa con variaciones, y se pueden modificar para convertirlos en el Space Station. (Para poner un ejemplo, Jetpackmods ofrece el servicio de modificación de un XP400 a Space Station por 150€ + 80€ de envío, si les envías tu propio pedal)
Una vez la placa está modificada a las especificaciones de un XP300 Space Station, acepta las eproms de XP100 Whammy/Wah, XP200 Modulator y XP400 Reverberator.
Realizo íntegramente la mod, incluso la programación de la Eprom.