Golden Horse Professional Overdrive



New project – Decibelics Angry Swede

First BOSS HM-2 clone in Mini format ever made!

Very soon – Stay tuned

Golden Horse Professional Overdrive VS Klon Centaur Professional Overdrive Gold Horsie – How close they sound?

Guitar Pedal X analyzes the Decibelics Golden Horse is a must-read pedal blog where tone-chaser Stefan Karlsson reviews and analyzes almost every pedal you can think of. Absolutely worth following. He recently wrote an article called “4 of the Best Mini Klone Pedals” in which the Golden Horse is featured. Stefan says “The level of engineering in the Decibelics pedal is just awe-inspiringly amazing – relatively few pedals look that good both inside and out”

Read the whole article here

Adam Evans, guitarist for Rick Astley, is using a Golden Horse on ’50’ tour

“Sound engineer was stunned for the sound today (the Decibelics Golden Horse the only change) he said he could hear every nuance of the strings. He wondered what the secret ingredient was? It sounded brilliant to my ears, just ridiculous. I think it might be the best pedal I ever bought”

Just awesome… Thank you Adam!

Talco and a Golden Horse Overdrive

The famous italian band Talco is using a Decibelics Golden Horse Overdrive on the recording of their upcoming album.

Spot it in the video below!

Dani Baraldes using a Golden Horse!

Latin Grammy nominee Dani Baraldes, former guitarist of bands like Macaco and Jarabe de Palo was spotted with a Golden Horse Overdrive on his pedalboard. Dani is currently touring with Mambo Jambo and Rulo y la Contrabanda. See bottom of pictures: